The Georgia Society of Ophthalmology (GSO) is the only state membership organization devoted specifically to the needs and interests of Georgia ophthalmologists. As a member of the GSO, you will have access to a variety of important information and publications to assist you in your practice and delivering quality care to your patients.

Membership in the GSO is open to every ophthalmologist in Georgia and provides a wealth of benefits that help further your professional development and stay informed of current issues in ophthalmology. Top-notch clinical symposia, collegiality, and a strong voice in the Georgia General Assembly are just a few of the advantages of GSO membership.

Member benefits include:

  • Semi-Annual CME Meetings (Winter/Summer)
  • Self-Service member website
  • Representation in the Georgia legislature
  • Regular member newsletter and communications
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Valuable networking opportunities with colleagues
  • Industry updates and alerts
  • Charitable foundation
  • Executive office resources