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GSO Legal Defense Fund
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In 2016 The Georgia Society of Ophthalmology became aware of an existing threat to the practice of ophthalmology—one that jeopardizes ophthalmologists’ freedom to practice medicine in the best interest of their patients. In response, the Society created the Legal Defense Fund as a means to safeguard this freedom and to ensure that your patients continue to have access to the highest quality of medical eye care.


Our Mission

The GSO Legal Defense Fund is a rainy day fund dedicated to defending the practice of ophthalmology wherever legal issues arise: in the courts, state agencies, or in the legislative branch. Setting a four-year goal of $200,000, the Society has seeded the Fund with an initial grant of $50,000, and has pledged an additional $10,000 to be given annually from the budget. Contributions from GSO members like you will make up the difference.

A New Resistance

When Georgia’s eye patients undergo delicate sight-saving procedures, GSO is determined they will be performed by expertly trained ophthalmologic surgeons.  As eye care technology continues to advance and adversaries seek to expand into the surgical realm, costly legal battles are imminent. Your contributions to this fund will help GSO defend against intrusion from litigious outsiders who want to usurp your authority and expertise by legally challenging the current boundaries of surgical scope and treatment of eye disease.

A United Front

Together, GSO members can fight to guarantee the highest quality standards of treatment in Georgia. For our inaugural year, our goal is to collect $50,000 in member contributions, and we hope that each GSO member will join in and contribute. The more supporters we have, the more united our front—and the more united our front, the more effective our fight.

Contribute by June 30, 2016 and Become One of the Founding Members:

David Bogorad, MD, FACS
Jimmy Brooks, MD 
Terrence Croyle, MD
Bret Crumpton, DO
Anthony DeMarco, MD
Nadeem Fatteh, MD
Michael Haney, MD
Kurt Heitman, MD (SC) 
David Hemmings, MD
Baker Hubbard, MD
Michael Jacobs, MD 
Anna Kao, MD
Brian Kim, MD
McGregor Lott, MD
Michael Magbalon, MD
Malcolm S. Moore, Jr., MD
Josh Newton, MD
Timothy E. O'Boyle, MD
Randall R. Ozment, MD
Purnima Patel, MD
Emory Patterson, MD
Gus Sams, MD
Robert Webb, MD



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